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Transport Fleet

The right location at the right time

Your event day and start time is not negotiable or flexible. By having our own company transport fleet at Production 78, we ensure that all customer orders are delivered on time, every time.


Modern transport logistics are an important aspect when it comes to sustainable service quality. We regularly upgrade our vehicle fleet so that all vehicles are up to date with the latest environmentally friendly standards.


Our diesel vehicles are all fitted with Adblue technology ensuring they have the lowest possible emissions in their respective class and we are working towards an entirely electric fleet by 2025. We also offset all our carbon emissions by planting trees, helping to reduce global carbon emissions by a measurable and verifiable amount.


In addition all vehicles are purchased, repaired, and washed within the region in order to utilise the products and services available locally. In this way we reduce the number of miles travelled, and pollution generated, as well as supporting local businesses. In turn this enables us to offer you the best value for money in the charges we pass on to your event for transport.

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