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Canoe Slalom World Cup

Canoe Slalom World Cup

International Canoe Federation

Image of athlete competing at Canoe Slalom World Cup Cardiff

The Event

International Olympic Qualification Event of Canoe Slalom hosted in Cardiff in both 2012 and 2013.

Our Role...

Production 78 provided Event Direction, management of athletes, technical officials and visitors who attended the event. Course design, temporary infrastructure design and installation, site branding and hospitality were all undertaken by Production 78 to ensure all aspects of the races were in line with World Cup standards.

As part of the spectator experience we also created a series of 6 videos that introduced the detail of the sport of Canoe Slalom. These highlighted the differences in the types of Canoes and Kayaks in use, the slalom gates as well as the penalties awarded for missing or not passing gates correctly. These videos were played out live to spectators at the event and are still used today by the sports governing body.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who made #CanoeCardiff2012 a success.
The World Cup was an amazing event with great results. I believe that this was because that it was delivered by a team of exceptional people.

International Canoe Federation Logo

Richard Harvey

CEO Canoe Wales Canw Cymru

Canoe Slalom World Cup

International Canoe Federation

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