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Hybrid Events

Your Event - Your Audience - Apart - Together

Hybrid Events

A hybrid event attracts both in-person and virtual attendees. Many organisations have now settled into a more flexible and hybrid working arrangement with employees working remotely more often. Therefore even the simplest staff meeting or briefing needs to be available to those in the meeting room and those working from home.

The same can be said of your customers and clients who don't want to miss out on the experience and opportunity to take part in your event just because they are away on business or even holiday.

Production 78 is experienced in delivering hybrid solutions to engage both the in room and at home audiences, with live web chat functions to accompany in room Q&A sessions, social media feeds and polls that can be answered by both groups, and the ability to record any live event to make it available to view on-demand following the real life event.

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No matter the type of event, the team at Production 78 has the expertise and creativity that will help bring your ideas to life.


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