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Virtual Events

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Virtual Events

Virtual Events are held online. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of business events shifted online and the virtual event industry appears to be here to stay. Meeting online is a cost-effective way to hold webinars, publicly-available live streams, online conferences or informal social media events.

These events in their simplest forms can take place on public platforms like Teams or Zoom or they can be hosted more comprehensively on specialised virtual event platforms. Our very own LiveEventStream.Online portal offers a number of solutions for hosting online events professionally and affordably.

We believe real in person events are the best way to meet up because some attendees feel disconnected or have trouble focussing online. For the right event however, a virtual option is something we can help you organise without you needing to leave your home or office.

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No matter the type of event, the team at Production 78 has the expertise and creativity that will help bring your ideas to life.


See the comprehensive range of event services we can offer for your event:

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